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About Dr. Ranjana Sharma (Healthy Salaah)

Dr. Ranjana Sharma is a gynaecologist by profession and premarital, marital and family counselor for the last 30 years. Her medical experience and counseling techniques proves to be of great  help to lead a physical, mental, sexual and socially satisfied life. You can have faith in her as your counselor, doctor or friend.

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Dr. Mrs. Ranjana Sharma
(King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, India)
Post Graduate Diploma in MCH
Post Graduate Diploma in HHM
(Symbiosis Center of Health Care, Pune)
Member: Distt. Child Protection Society under Indian Child Protection Scheme.
Life Member: Haryana State Council for Child Welfare

Contact No. : +91-9467016600

Dr. Ranjana
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Live Life Like A Poetry
आशाओं का सागर है यह, रत्न छिपाए हुए अनंत ! कोई ना जाने कहाँ है मंजिल, कब हो जाए इसका अंत !!
जितने गहरे चलते जाओ, उतनी ही बहती सुख सरिता ! सच पूछो तो एक है सार, यही है जीवन और यही है कविता !!
Dr. Ranjana Sharma