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Healthy Salaah : Marriage Counseling

Relationship & Couple Counseling

Are you facing emotional problems? Are you contemplating separation or divorce? Do you think your partner has become irritable, angry, least interested? Has the love, intimacy and fun gone out of your relationship? Faith or trust is the foundation of any marriage and when that faith is shaken, the basis of marriage grows weak. If such situations are not dealt with at the right time, they may end in divorce. The marital counseling is an effective tool in rectifying such problems and thereby improving the relationship. It helps you to builds courage, strength and emotional stability to face all such problems and live a happily and smooth married life.

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Marriage Video

Premarital Counseling

For better adjustments with your partner and his/her relatives and as well comfortable and smooth married life.

  • Personality Developments
  • Health Care
  • Medical problems
  • Family welfare
  • Sex related queries-normal & myths
  • Psychological and behavioral changes
  • Contact with your partner/spouse to be/fiancé for this counseling

Live in Relationship

The legal definition of live in relationship is “an arrangement of living under which the couples which are unmarried live together to conduct a long-going relationship similarly as in marriage.” Some couples find living together is easy. Others find themselves attacked by angry family members, excluded from faith communities, baffled by how to introduce each other and discriminated against because they are not married. In some places and situations, unmarried partners can share a policy and get certain legal protections; in other situations, they are considered legal strangers with no rights, even if they have lived together for decades. In all such situation counseling is needed.

फ़रामोशी से कोई दौलत भी लुटाये, ठुकरा दो उसे, ये कहती है जिंदगी ! इक नज़र प्यार की हो साथ,उस फूल को सर आँखों से लगाना है जिंदगी !!
Dr. Ranjana Sharma